The 5 trades that you must occupy in 2018 …

The 5 trades that you must occupy in 2018 ...

In 2018, 5 trades will experience a salary increase of between 7% and 22% compared to 2017! Here is our ranking from 5th to 1st place.

# 5 Treasury Officer

The treasurer is the guarantor of the daily liquidity of the company. It manages, anticipates and secures cash flow by ensuring the coverage of financial needs.

Its main quality : it must have precision and irreproachable precision especially in the figures because the slightest mistake is characterized by a loss of money for the company.

With an increase of 7%, the annual salary of a Cash Manager is between 85,000 and 140,000 euros.

 # 4 Director of Internal Audit (DAI)

It is a senior executive responsible for the proper performance of the internal audit. He is a member of corporate governance but independent of management.

His main quality : total independence in the execution of tasks, he must be impartial in his opinions and his choices.

With an increase of 8%, an ICD can expect to have an annual gross salary of between 75,000 and 120,000 euros.

 # 3 Accounting Director

He is in charge of the management of the accounts. He is the guarantor of the accuracy and conformity of the accounting records of the company for which he works. His role is extremely important in his society.

Its main quality : it has a rigor and an irreproachable methodology guaranteeing the different authorities the reliability of the accounts it submits. Its organization allows it to efficiently perform all its missions in the expected deadlines.

With an 8% increase, the annual salary of a Chief Accountant is between 70,000 and 130,000 euros

 # 2 Supplier Accountant

The accountant supplier is interested only in the purchase of raw materials, products and supplies, unlike the accountant who oversees the entire financial part of his company.

Its main quality : it perfectly controls the management of business accounting and must know how to use a chart of accounts.

With an increase of 8%, a supplier accountant at an annual remuneration of between 27,000 and 30,000 euros.

And to finish the top 1 of our ranking of the 5 trades that have a better increase in 2018 is attributed to:

 # 1 Data Scientist

A Data Scientist or English Data Scientist is someone who relies on mathematical tools, statistics, visualization and computer science. More clearly, he is the specialist in data science. This job is in full development whether in the academic field or the public and private domain. It processes and values ​​the “Big Data”.

For information purposes, the term Data scientist was coined by William Cleveland in 2001.

Its main quality : the main quality that must have a data scientist is irreproachable rigor.

With a 22% increase, a Data Scientist at a remuneration between 45,000 and 65,000 euros.

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